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The blockchain technology created the backbone of a new type of internet.
By now, more and more industries rely on the digital ledger the blockchain technology provides
The innovative blockchain consulting from experts
Blockchain allows the distribution of digital information without the danger of being copied.

Ready for 4.0 ?

What will be the importance of blockchain in my industry? How to use blockchain in an efficient way? What are the right steps to implement a successful blockchain strategy? In order to answer those questions, we support you as consultants, trainers and developers within your upcoming blockchain activities.



Blockchain & Smart Contracts: With our experts for blockchain and smart contracts we help you to find the best and most efficient solution for your business. We help you to increase your safety and security in your daily business. Verified transaction and communication enhance your business to absolute security.

Training & Workshops

Training and workshops: Are you ready for 4.0? Our trainings equip you with the best knowledge of current technologies and innovations to be ready for the connected future.
Join our workshops and get to know the new technologies and opportunities for your business step-by-step.

Technology Development

Technology Development: Innovation is key in a modern business environment. The Perun network for example is a system of payment which is working over Ethereum. Payments over longer chains do not need interaction with the intermediate parties, because Perun´s channels can be virtual.


Blockhain offers big opportunities and substantial advantages for every industry. In a fully connected world is safety and cyber security key to run a successful business! We want to share our expertise with you…

Our Team

Moritz Strube

“I’m an experienced technology manager and business developer with deep interest in technology, innovation and science.”

Sasan Safai

“Blockchain will be one of the key technologies disrupting and empowering all industries.”

Sebastian Hoffmann

“I am an experienced digital transformation consultant and passionate about innovative business models through decentralization technologies.”

Daniel Hellwig

“DLT and ML are fundamentally changing the way in which supply-chains operate.”


Chatbot, blockchain & artificial intelligence

..Co-Founder of ChainLabs

Expert in logistics and Internet of Things


Distributed Ledger Technologies & Crypto Assets


Blockchain & Machine Learning

Farid Fadavi


Science and Network

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Faust

“I am leading a research group on applied cryptography. The potential of this technology encourages me.”

Applied cryptography

Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner

“Blockchain is a extremely interesting study field with a high disruptive potential.”

Blockchain technology



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